DDinc (Destiny Driven Incorporated), was established in 2007 by a fully black empowered female whose mission is to be catalyst of change for the 21st Century.


The vision has been re-kindled in 2015 to provide enhanced security solutions due to frequent criminal attacks which have endangered innocent civilians and destroyed assets.


Able to customize solutions and eliminate the threat/risk to a minimal thus making the client Pro-Active at all times.


The company has been structured towards early warning devices thus eliminating the problem before it arises.




Our Management Team consist of:


•      Chief Executive Officer

Lee-Ann Pillay

•      Chief Operations Officer

Tienie Denner

•      Technical Director

Shaun Naidoo

•      Sales and Financial Director

Nimon Zulu


Taking into account of the above expertise and experience supported by a professional Line Management Team, DDinc is well able to executive, commission and deliver state of the art security systems protecting both assets and human resources.


Our team consists of Engineers, Technical and Business development personnel who have been exposed to the needs of the South African Government and Parastatals.


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