Destiny Driven Incorporated (DDinc) ensures a higher quality and wider field of expertise.  We have more than 20 years of experience in construction, plant demolishing and various sites to execute maintenance.


On the other hand we have expertise in building and are registered at the NHBRC, making us a winning team with highly trained personnel and excellent standards.




Our vision is to provide the most popular and comprehensive building and construction pit-stop in Gauteng.  It is to provide satisfying, appropriate and cost effective building and alteration solutions to the benefit of our customers - organisations, businesses, local communities and the individual.




DDinc is a company with experience of various Civil Works and construction.  Steel Roofs, Special Window Frames and other specific requirements are only a few of our specialities.  Whatever you design - we are able to manufacture and supply.


Our creativity and drive has enabled us to have highly trained personnel, quality methods and a successful commercial program.  Small and large office buildings, industrial complexes, medical facilities, department stores, restaurants, various cluster developments and corporate headquarters are among the many contracts we serve.


DDinc is not only involved in the building industry, but can also assist you in aspect of the foundation with soil tests from the structural engineer to ridging on the roof.


All electrical, plumbing, tiling, carpentry, painting and finishing can be done by professional and highly qualified people.


Because we are supported by organisations with architects and structural engineers, we do all planning on new developments - from estimating, drawing and approvals to site inspections by relevant parties.


Services also include:


•    New Developments

•    Maintenance and Construction

•    Contract and Project Management

•    Rock Blasting and Earthworks

•    Specialised Concrete Works and Foundations


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