State-of-the-Art Seawater Desalination Plant, Supplies High-Quality Drinking Water for 500 to 20,000 People per Day.





Implementing an efficient system under a cost-effective business model can greatly reduce the cost of clean, safe and potable water.  DDinc  Water’s desalination systems produce drinking water from almost any source and are tailor-made based on site specific feed water characteristics and specific product water quality requirements. DDinc’s state-of-the-art designs address the most demanding quality requirements, meeting and often exceeding our clients’ expectations.


Providing potable water for island populations and remote communities presents special challenges.  Where local water sources are limited or unfit for use, advanced treatment technologies must be utilized to purify and desalinate brackish, ground water, or seawater. DDinc’s manufacturer has extensive experience in developing and delivering water treatment plants to serve these needs.  DDinc’s systems also provide emergency relief in the wake of natural disasters and ongoing water supply for troops in the field.


Our pre-assembled, pre-wired, and pre-piped containerized modules are specially designed for fast and easy installation and commissioning.  The skid-mounted, pre-filtration systems and Reverse Osmosis (RO) units are shipped after complete validation testing at the production facility.  The systems are supplied with central control systems for easy operation and remote monitoring.





DDinc can supply wastewater treatment and reclamation systems for industrial use.  Wastewater reclamation enables factories to minimize discharge and save on water costs by reusing effluent in various processes, while enabling municipalities to utilize effluents from biological wastewater treatment plants for irrigation processes.


Each system is designed and built to meet our clients’ specifications, taking into consideration wastewater characteristics, effluent quality requirements and potential for effluent recycling or reuse.


Designed to offer optimal process reliability and consistency, the systems offer a high level of automation and control, with minimal use of chemicals and minimization of wastes from the treatment process.





DDinc can tailor-make based on site-specific feed water characteristics and specific water quality requirements.  Seawater desalination systems incorporate Energy Recovery Devices (ERD), which reduce energy requirements by up to 40%, resulting in a more economical production of drinking or process water.  Our systems feature components and equipment with the latest proven technologies, such as membranes with Nano particles and composite materials, special stainless steel alloys that are resistant to corrosion and fully automated control and monitoring.





DDinc’s state-of-the-art seawater desalination plant designed to supply high-quality drinking water for 500 to 20,000 people per day.  Offering a low carbon footprint and minimal maintenance, it is an economical and efficient solution to the drinking water needs of small communities, mining sites, oil and gas.



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